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Postpartum Support Twin Cities

We hold the mother while everyone else holds the baby.

It seems like everyone disappears after the baby arrives, but not us. The fourth trimester is a sacred time when you should be able to focus on your baby and healing not worrying about the rest of the house. Think of a postpartum doula like Mary Poppins or a helpful mother-in-law. We aren't there to hold your baby (unless you need that) we are there to support you with resources, light cleaning, infant feeding support, and cooking for you. We hold space for you to process your birth, we are there for you to have another adult to talk to, we are there to encourage and support you on your journey into parenthood. We build your confidence as a parent. 

Meet our Postpartum Doula

Click on the names below to learn more about the doulas on our team that provide postpartum doula support.

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Postpartum Support

4-40 hours $50/hr

41-99 hours $48/hr

100+ hours $45/hr

*we recommend starting with 20 hours of support*

Prepare for postpartum like you are preparing for your birth, with a team in place! 

  • Daytime support only, no over night support

  • 4 hour minimum, per visit 

Postpartum support includes:

  • Unlimited text, phone, and email support from the time you sign the contract through 12 weeks postpartum

  • Meal prep and cooking, with nutrition repletion and postpartum healing in mind 

  • Infant feeding support, including: formula, pumping, and breast/chestfeeding as needed

  • Providing emotional and physical recovery from childbirth (processing your birth, etc.)

  • Troubleshooting common infant questions around sleep, development, fussiness, etc. 

  • Teaching coping skills for new parents

  • Incorporating older siblings into the experience, and helping them process the changes that are happening in the family

  • Identifying perinatal mood disorders (example: postpartum depression), and providing resources for you to get help

  • Minimizing stress in the home, and giving you the support you need so you can focus on your own healing and learning your new baby

  • Providing community and educational resources for specific challenges your family is facing

Complete your journey into parenthood thriving rather than just surviving.

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