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Our goal is to provide a cohesive experience with all services we offer to our families.



Informative and Compassionate

$40/hr business coaching to allow you to pick one of our brains on the doula business: getting started, finding clients, networking, advocacy in the birth space, etc. 

$75 for a 2 hour parenting coaching session to get help from one of our doulas to talk all things birth.  If you're pregnant and looking for help with a specific question, but not interested in our Birth Doula package, this is for you!  Examples might include:

  • How to choose a care provider and birth location ideal for your situation.

  • Writing a birth plan.

  • Navigating a pregnancy complication.

  • Looking for local resources.

  • Informed infant feeding: breast/chest feeding, pumping, donor milk, bottles, formula, etc.


Preparing For Childbirth - Lamaze


Class is offered on Tuesday evenings from 6-9pm CST.  Each class begins the first Tuesday of the month, and runs 4-sessions long (12 hours total instruction).  Currently, this is only offered in a group setting over Zoom. 

NOTE: At this time, our monthly Preparing for Childbirth course is paused until June, 2021 (Bria is on maternity leave!). 


  • Session 1: learn about pregnancy, and begin prepping for labor and the idea of pain. 

  • Session 2: review physiological birth (what to expect if your body just does its thing - with no interventions), and non-medical comfort measures.

  • Session 3: let's talk about options and possibilities for medical interventions, including inductions, pain meds, and Cesareans.

  • Session 4: what to expect after baby is born - birth of the placenta, newborn procedures, breast/chest feeding, and postpartum.



Workshops are offered on the 3rd Saturday of the month, from 9am-12pm CST.  Currently, this is only offered in a group setting over Zoom.

Upcoming Workshops:

March - May: No offerings due to maternity leave

June 12th*: Preparing for Postpartum

July 17th: Newborn Basics

*Please note date change to 2nd Saturday, in honor of Juneteenth



$1,275 flat fee

Our all-encompassing birth doula package starts as soon as you hire us in pregnancy, and continues through the first 12 weeks of baby's life.


  • Free Consultation

  • 2 prenatal planning appointments

  • Continuous email and text support during pregnancy (once hired)

  • 24 hour on-call phone and text support starting 38 weeks gestation

  • In-home labor support as early as requested when in labor

  • Immediate postpartum support following the birth of your baby for approximately 1-3 hours

  • Photos of your birth experience

  • 1 in-home postpartum visit 

  • 1 freezer meal

  • Additional text support from birth through the first 12 weeks of your baby’s life

  • Childbirth ed class registration included: Preparing for Childbirth


$120 minimum

Postpartum visits are completely customized to your needs in the moment. Our goal is to get you to a place where you feel confident and empowered to parent your baby, and run your household. Services vary wildly, and might include: 


  • Light house work

  • Grocery shopping and meal prep

  • Feeding support: breast/chest, pumping, bottles, and solids

  • Overnight or nap support so parents can sleep

  • Baby's first bath

  • Babywearing practice

  • Leaving the house for the first time

  • And anything else you'd like help with!


$30 per hour. 4 hours minimum, per visit.



We recently took Childbirth Ed Class with Bria and learned more than we thought going into the class.  The format was virtual and very engaging!  There were several interactive tasks with the other couples in the class as well as with your partner that continued to keep us engaged and learning.  We highly recommend this class to anyone looking to learn more about childbirth!


Tabitha has so much knowledge about pregnancy, birth and postpartum/breastfeeding.  I had a long labor and Tabitha was amazing help for both my husband and I.  She has a very calm presence, which made me feel safe when I was anxious.  I truly don't think I could've achieved a natural birth experience if I had not hired Tabitha.  She also has been a wonderful support system to me as I start my breastfeeding journey.  Also it was really special that she took photos of our labor and birth.  Highly recommend.


Bria is so passionate about educating about birth and caring for women.  I knew I needed her by my side... I can't even begin to describe how helpful, extremely selfless, and both mentally and physically supportive I felt from Bria. 


Hire a doula. 

Just do it.

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