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Prenatal Nutrition Support

Fostering a healthy pregnancy while making lifelong changes

Let's face it, prenatal nutrition support is lacking. You were probably given a book or a list of things to eat and not to eat in pregnancy. What if I told you that you can probably eat the 'do not eat list' and that you should make some modifications on the 'do eat list'? That positive line, or even being on a fertility journey often ignites something in us to become healthier but where to start can be overwhelming. Tabitha takes out the guess work by providing you meal plans, personalized reccomendations and support to help you reach your goals and to ultimately thrive in preconception through postpartum with nutrition. 

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Prenatal Nutrition Coach

Fuel your journey with confidence

Through nutrition we can manage pregnancy symptoms from that first trimester morning sickness to gestational diabetes. We can implement a strong nutritional foundation to counter potential third trimester concerns like pre-eclampsia. 

The support we offer is inclusive of all diets, lifestyles and stages of life from preconception through postpartum. 


The goals with nutrition coaching are to

  1. amp up your current favorite meals to make them more nutrient dense

  2. get you confident in the kitchen

  3. improve your relationship with food and your body. 

Private Coaching

What's included:

  • Basic meal plan based on current trimester 

  • Personalized recommendations + goals based on your 3 day photo food journal

  • up to 4 video calls

  • weekly check ins 

  • 12 weeks of unlimited text support 

Vegan Bowl

I was diagnosed with gestational diabeties going into my 3rd tri. I was lost with how to now navigate my food choices and emotions. Tabitha was amazing getting me on the right path with recipes along with the emotional support. Post partum with lactation, she also provided the support I needed when it came to breast feeding. Not sure how confident or successful I would have been to have my healthy baby girl. Thank you for Bright Earth Doulas!!!! 


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