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You MUST Pay Attention to This ONE THING in Your 3rd Trimester of Pregnancy

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

The 3rd trimester is the last trimester of pregnancy - the final weeks before baby comes. There's so many things to think about: taking a childbirth education class, finalizing your birth plan, hiring a doula (if you haven't already!), buying diapers, picking out baby names, and so much more!

But there's one thing that matters a ton, if you're planning a vaginal birth: baby's position.

We talk a lot about vertex (head down) versus breech (head up) in society. Unfortunately, that's not enough.

Head down is only half the story

Around 32 weeks of pregnancy, it's important to start paying attention to your baby's position. We're seeing a ton of malpositioned babies since the pandemic started.

If baby isn't in a LOA (left occiput anterior) position when labor starts, your labor will be more difficult as the body works to help baby rotate. More hours, coupling contractions, extended pushing times, etc. etc.

Luckily, there are things you can do during pregnancy to help baby find their optimal position:

  1. MOVE YOUR BODY. Walking, swimming, prenatal yoga (check out Amy Bizal or Ella Frances for virtual classes). Exercise isn't just to keep you healthy - it actually helps baby get into the right position by making space in the body for baby to move.

  2. Keep your body BALANCED by avoiding things like crossing your legs. Consider switching out your desk chair for an exercise ball, or kneeling chair.

  3. Explore Spinning Babies for position information and hire Gilligan's Guide for personalized coaching.

  4. PRENATAL CHIROPRACTIC starting as early as you can. In the Twin Cities, our favorites are: Empowered Health (Blaine), Active Health (St. Paul), Vaida Wellness (Wayzata), and Advanced Medical (Golden Valley).

  5. Hire a DOULA who is knowledgeable about baby positioning (book a consult with us here for birth doula services, or a virtual coaching call here!)

Ask your provider what position baby is in during your prenatal appointments. If they don't know for sure (it's a hard skill!), ask if there's someone on the team who can help, or send us a note! Don't take "it doesn't matter" or "baby's in a good position" as an acceptable answer.

Learn about all of the possible positions and more during our virtual childbirth education classes. Sign up today!

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