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#Wordle of the Day: LEARN

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Did you know we teach virtual classes and workshops here at Bright Earth Doulas?? We just dropped our spring 2022 calendar and we're so excited by new offerings for our Preparing For Childbirth class!

Have you ever said....

"I care about my birth story, want to take an active role in my birth."
"My first birth didn't go how I wanted it to, and I want to prepare differently this time."
I feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting opinions on Google, and just want an Easy Button for accurate information."

Sound familiar? This class is for you!

Why take our class?

  1. We teach a private class, so we teach you ALL of your options, not just the hospital policies. We really don't recommend hospital birth classes....don't take a class through the organization that's profiting off your birth!

  2. Our instructor, Bria, is Lamaze certified, which means she went through training, passed a 3-hour exam, and takes continuing ed credits to make sure she's always up to date. This isn't a mommy blog.

  3. Class is judgement-free. The goal is to give you all the info so you can make the best decision for your family. We can all look at the same data and make different decisions.

If #wordle didn't tie us to 5 letters, we'd add:





This course reviews each birth possibility: vaginal unmedicated, vaginal medicated, induction, and even c-sections. Why? Because knowledge truly is power. Here's a little sneak peak of what Bria will cover in class:

  • Pain vs. suffering

  • Stages & phases of labor

  • Birth hormones

  • Non-medical comfort measures

  • How partners can help/support

  • Medical interventions (inductions, pain meds, c-sections, etc.)

  • What to expect immediately after baby is born - birth of the placenta, newborn procedures, and initial breast/chest feeding

4 options for this class:

​Private class: This class is 3 hours long, taught online or in the client's home, on the client's preferred day/time. Class is tailored to your unique needs. This is a good fit for clients who have birthed before, or who want individual focus.

4-week group class: This class is taught online over the course of 4 weeks on Tuesday evenings from 6-9pm Central (12 hours long). The class is Lamaze-style, and goes over everything you need to know about birth so that you can create a plan, and prepare for unexpected changes. Class is interactive and engaging. Our recommended format for first-time birthers looking for all-encompassing childbirth education.

1-day express group class: This class is 7 hours long (we take breaks!) and follows the same curriculum as the 4-week class, but with fewer activities and time to practice. A great option for first-time birthers if you're tight on time.

Refresher group class: This class is 4 hours long and is designed for experienced birthers. We'll review childbirth basics and leave space for you to ask questions about things that happened during your previous birth[s].

Sign up today for our childbirth education classes!

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