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#Wordle of the Day: LEARN

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Did you know we teach virtual classes and workshops here at Bright Earth Doulas?? We just dropped our spring 2022 calendar and we're so excited by new offerings for our Preparing For Childbirth class!

Have you ever said....

"I care about my birth story, want to take an active role in my birth."
"My first birth didn't go how I wanted it to, and I want to prepare differently this time."
I feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting opinions on Google, and just want an Easy Button for accurate information."

Sound familiar? This class is for you!

Why take our class?

  1. We teach a private class, so we teach you ALL of your options, not just the hospital policies. We really don't recommend hospital birth classes....don't take a class through the organization that's profiting off your birth!