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What to Wear in Labor?

Spoiler alert: wear whatever you'd like!

I could end the blog post at that, but that wouldn't be very helpful... So here are a few suggestions that we've seen work well:


A quick google-search will provide tons of results for labor gowns. Any of these work great, but don't feel like you have to pay a bunch of money for a specific one.

In a hospital setting, you might choose to wear a hospital gown here (yup, it's a choice - you don't have to wear it). But if you're out-of-hospital or you'd prefer your own, consider a nightgown, oversized t-shirt, or a simple maternity dress that you don't mind potentially staining.



If you choose to wear a bra in labor, we recommend a loose sports bra, or a comfortable bikini. You may find yourself in and out of water during labor, so be sure to pack a few dry back-ups.

Many birthers end up naked, but if you plan to wear a bra throughout your whole labor, consider one that clasps on the front. This way it's easy to get off for immediate skin-to-skin with baby!



For those who would like to maintain some modesty during labor, a flowy cotton skirt is a good thing to have available. This exposes your belly for fetal montoring, but allows you to maintain modesty if you'd like to go without underwear (much easier to be underwear-less for vaginal exams!).



Many birthers find that they're sensitive to touch, temperature, etc during birth. Going naked is a natural response to the primal state we find ourselves in during labor and can provide a sense of freedom.


What did you wear during labor? Let us know in the comments!

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