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What's a Coaching Session??

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

A coaching session is a one time call with a doula from our team. We're your personal Google! We offer judgement-free, evidence-based options, that fit your preferences and needs.

These sessions are individual, and scheduled at your convenience on an as-needed basis.

We offer two types of coaching:

  1. DOULA COACHING SESSION: 1-hour call ($40) to allow you to pick one of our brains on the doula business: getting started, finding clients, networking, advocacy in the birth space, creating a contract, offering packages, social media/marketing, forming a partnership, etc.

  2. PARENT COACHING SESSION: 2-hour call ($75) to get help from one of our doulas to talk all things birth. If you're pregnant and looking for help with a specific question, but not interested in our Birth Doula package, this is for you! Examples might include:

  • How to choose a care provider and birth location ideal for your situation.

  • Navigating a pregnancy complication.

  • Looking for local resources.

  • Writing a birth plan.

  • Informed infant feeding: breast/chest feeding, pumping, donor milk, bottles, formula, etc.

Click here to book a coaching session today!

P.S - this makes a fantastic gift for pregnant friends!!

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