What is the Golden Hour?

Updated: Apr 3

What is the golden hour?

The golden hour is defined as an hour of uninterrupted time to do skin-to-skin and bond with your baby. Ideally, it is you and your partner marveling over what just happened and the sweet little baby you finally get to meet. Emotions may be mixed. Some parents feel and instant bond while for others it may take some time (this is totally normal).

Why is the golden hour important?

This timeframe allows you to get to know and bond with your baby a little bit, but skin-to-skin helps regulate your baby's temperature and facilities breast/chestfeeding. The release of oxytocin during skin-to-skin and breast/chestfeeding helps your uterus to contract back down. Research also shows us that skin-to-skin during the golden hour (and beyond) helps reduce stress in both the birthing person and baby.

What to expect during the golden hour?

  • You still have to birth your placenta

  • The umbilical cord will be clamped and cut

  • You will be examined for vaginal tearing and stitched up as necessary

  • You may need your BP and temperature taken during this time

  • Your baby's vitals will often be taken

  • You may feel pressured to breast/chestfeed before the hour has passed

  • Fundal massage: uncomfortable massage to check that your uterus is shrinking back down and you don't have any clots

After the Golden Hour

After your baby has gotten a feed in and the hour has come and gone you will likely experience these things next:

  • You have to get up and go pee (this may take longer if you got the epidural)

  • Your baby's stats will be recored: length, weight, head circumference etc.

  • Your baby will receive Hep B vaccine, Vitamin K shot, and the eye ointment if you have requested some or all of them

  • You will get prepped to go to your postpartum recovery space if you are birthing in a hospital

The truth is, you don't need an excuse to keep doing skin-to-skin with your baby after the first hour is up. You can hold your baby all the way up to your postpartum recovery room. If your baby is swaddled for the move once you get settled in the new space, get comfy and continue skin-to-skin. The first 5 days of your postpartum recovery journey should be spent doing tons of skin-to-skin. This will help your milk production but also encourage you to take things slow and not overdo it.

What were you most surprised about when you experienced your Golden Hour? If you haven't experienced it yet, what will you add to your birth plan to facilitate the Golden Hour for your postpartum journey?

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