Virtual Childbirth Classes: totally boring, or an amazing way to learn??

Obviously we're a little biased here, but one year into the pandemic, we're loving our online childbirth education classes (and so are our students!). Let's break it down, so you know what to expect from class:



Pregnant people and their partners! We recommend taking childbirth ed 2-3 months before your guess month (example: due in September? Sign up for a class starting in June or July!). That said, class is going to be beneficial any time it works in your schedule.

Hot tip: Bring your birth partner! Whoever is going to be emotionally supporting you through labor, should definitely be in this class (and bonus - partners join for free!)



Our virtual childbirth classes are 4 sessions long, lasting for 3 hours each (12 total hours of instruction). The goal is to give you confidence and empower you to rock your birth! Because these classes are taught by an independent, Lamaze-certified, trainer, there's no bias. We can teach you ALL of your options about birth, without being bound to any hospital or doctor's "policies".

This class is NOT a pre-recorded video, or a boring lecture. It's engaging and interactive, with activities to make learning memorable, and plenty of time to ask questions in the moment.


  • Session 1: learn about pregnancy, and begin prepping for labor and the idea of pain.

  • Session 2: review physiological birth (what to expect if your body just does its thing - with no interventions), and non-medical comfort measures.

  • Session 3: let's talk about options and possibilities for medical interventions, including inductions, pain meds, and Cesareans.

  • Session 4: what to expect after baby is born - birth of the placenta, newborn procedures, informed infant feeding, and postpartum.



Your home, on Zoom (cameras required for safety). We plan to go back to offering in-person classes in Minneapolis as soon as is safe. But online childbirth education classes will always be part of our offerings. Our students LOVE learning from the comfort of their home, in their PJs, surrounded by their fur babies. Plus, we've had students join us from all over the country, providing unique perspectives for the class to learn from.



Tuesday nights, 6-9pm central time. New class sessions start every first Tuesday of the month. Register for our next offering here! If that timing doesn't work for you, contact Bria to request a custom class.



If you think the only birth decision you need to make is whether or not to get an epidural, it's time to sign up for a childbirth ed class. 1 in 3 births end in trauma for the birthing person, and it should NOT be this way. While we can't control birth, there are a lot of things we can do to stack the deck in your favor. Childbirth ed is a great start!

Do. Not. Wing. Your. Birth.


A Note from a Student:

"We recently took Childbirth Ed Class with Bria and learned more than we thought going into the class. The format was virtual and very engaging! There were several interactive tasks with the other couples in the class as well as with your partner that continued to keep us engaged and learning. We highly recommend this class to anyone looking to learn more about childbirth and are looking forward to learning more in the Postpartum and Newborn workshops we also signed up for afterward!"

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