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Virtual Childbirth Classes: totally boring, or an amazing way to learn??

Obviously we're a little biased here, but one year into the pandemic, we're loving our online childbirth education classes (and so are our students!). Let's break it down, so you know what to expect from class:



Pregnant people and their partners! We recommend taking childbirth ed 2-3 months before your guess month (example: due in September? Sign up for a class starting in June or July!). That said, class is going to be beneficial any time it works in your schedule.

Hot tip: Bring your birth partner! Whoever is going to be emotionally supporting you through labor, should definitely be in this class (and bonus - partners join for free!)



Our virtual childbirth classes are 4 sessions long, lasting for 3 hours each (12 total hours of instruction). The goal is to give you confidence and empower you to rock your birth! Because these classes are taught by an independent, Lamaze-certified, trainer, there's no bias. We can teach you ALL of your options about birth, without being bound to any hospital or doctor's "policies".