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Veronica's Birth Stories: First Water Birth at Northfield Hospital, and Fast Second Birth

The following birth story is shared with permission from the author/birther as part of our Positive Birth Story project. The goal of our project is to share a variety of stories (unmedicated, epidural, c-section, etc.) to help our clients and blog readers reduce anxiety and prepare your minds for birth. The stories are all recent (in the past 5 years or so) and take place in Minnesota or Western Wisconsin. If you would like to submit your story to our Positive Birth Stories project, please email Bria at

Please note, while water births are becoming more highly desired by parents, they're still relatively rare in the Twin Cities hospital community. We find that water birth is a common "bait and switch" experience with providers, meaning: your provider promises you they allow water birth, but when you show up in labor it is suddenly no longer an option. To read more, check out this blog post: How Common Are Water Births At Hospitals In The Twin Cities, MN?

Veronica's 1st birth: First Water Birth at Northfield Hospital