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Top 8 Baby Shower Gifts

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

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I had the opportunity to flood an expecting momma with a big surprise. I was saddened when I heard a bit about her story and how she didn’t get to have the typical baby shower, so I asked people to put in some money so we could get her a big gift off her baby registry that hadn’t been purchased yet, a jogging stroller! Much to my surprise, I was able to raise over $300, so not only did this beautiful momma get her jogging stroller she also got 4 packages of diapers, a mini supply of baby wipes, and a bottle warmer. As we walked around to get people to sign the card we still had money coming in so she also got a little cash and a gift card.

While I realize that I was in my element in this situation, not all people headed to a baby shower have any idea what to get, registry in hand or not. I’ve put together my top items that will make your gift the coveted baby shower gift!

Skip Hop Sound Machine our son loves his sound machine so much that he woke up early from a nap yesterday, turned it on and went back to bed. It’s part of our bedtime routine too.

Munchkin Bottle Warmer it’s easy to use and didn’t seem to lose it’s warming power.

Munchkin Diaper Pale this seems to be a hit or miss gift for parents, they either love having a diaper pale or hate it. I still miss ours. My mother in law has a daycare and she was ready to ditch her Diaper Genie for this easier to use brand.

PJ Sleepbag because new parents don’t want to deal with legs, zippers or buttons during early morning diaper changes. In fact, do not buy anything with actual buttons on it unless they are decorative.

Boba Wrap this wrap is a lifesaver during the fourth trimester and beyond! It is nice and snug and not bulky with buckles and straps.

Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets we still use these lightweight swaddle blankets for our son, they are great to cover up with in the summer when you are breastfeeding in public. He also enjoys dragging them around the house.

Diapers sizes 2, 3, and 4 most baby shower attendees are going to purchase size 1 diapers. Most parents will have these on their registry, so pick the brand they are requesting.

Go rogue and do something outside of the box like organizing a meal train amongst your friends and family to supply the new parents with meals every few days after baby arrives.



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