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The First Postpartum Poop, Plus 6 More Bathroom Tips

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

I'm just going to throw this out there, I really don't think the first poop after you birth your baby is that bad. With that being said, I know it can be hard to get things moving after you just had a baby so here are some tips to bring to the bathroom for your first toilet stop through the first 2 weeks!

1. Colace

I know you have heard horror stories about the first poop after birth, so just to be safe feel free to add Colace to your amazon cart and throw it in your hospital bags. Colace is a laxative which helps to soften your stool and make it easier to pass.

2. Peppermint Oil

This oil can give you nausea relief during labor but it also doubles as an aid to help you with that first postpartum wee. Put a few drops in the toilet and off to the races you go! You can also just try sniffing the oil, it may produce the urge to pee as well.

3. Cooling spray/wipes

A nice blend of witch hazel can help you heal your perineum after birth, so adding this to the list from a company like Frida Mom or Coddle Co is another great addition to your postpartum toilet kit. Frida Mom makes a nice postpartum recovery kit that also includes ice packs to help provide comfort for your perineum during healing.

4. Sitz bath

You can buy Sitz bath products from Frida Mom, Coddle Co, or Baby Bonito. Not able to take a soak in the tub every time you need a sitz bath? No problem! You can buy this insert to put on your toilet seat and soak your bottom that way!

5. Peri Bottle

You will leave your birthplace with a free one, but Frida Mom has created a more gravity friendly version. Use this every time you pee - spray water as you're peeing to dilute the urine and make it more comfortable on your stitches. After you're done peeing, spray yourself off and dab with a towel or bit of toilet paper. No wiping for the first few days postpartum!

6. Don't forget the extra large pads and mesh undies

You can go all in and purchase the Frida Mom postpartum bundle or you can stock up at your birth place. If they don't have them, splurge for the Depends. As your bleeding calms down you may only need panty liners at the ready. You could consider switching to some of the newly market period undies or consider something else sustainable, like reusable cotton pads.

7. Garbage Bin

Have your garbage bin lined with a plastic bag or something easy to take will be changing your pad a lot in the first week, and you will bleed for up to 6 weeks. Between that, breast pads, and diapers, there's generally a lot of waste involved in postpartum!

To learn more about postpartum, register for our Postpartum Workshop!

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