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The best lactation cookie recipe

Fall in my house means it's time to fire up my KitchenAid mixer and turn on the oven! While I love a perfectly baked pumpkin bar topped with homemade cream cheese frosting I also appreciate the warm spices and nutty flavors of fall. In fact, you can catch me lining up for a chestnut praline latte over a pumpkin spice one ANY DAY. Inspired by my favorite latte and the pecans in my pantry I've created a warm cinnamon cookie for you to bake up this fall. Pop these cookies in the freezer for an easy to grab snack or keep them by your bedside for when that middle of the night feeding hunger hits. Baking is also a great way to get your kids involved in the kitchen, pictured below is my little peanut helping me with this recipe.

What makes a milk making treat anyway?

Galactagogues! Galactagogues are the milk making ingredients we find in so many lactation products hanging out on the shelves in our local Target. You don't need these things to make milk or to keep your supply, but when hidden in a tasty treat it can't hurt! The main galactagogues I use when baking are: oats, nuts and nut butters, ground flax, chia seeds, fenugreek, and brewers yeast.

I use a monster cookie base for my lactation cookies because...the more you can shove in a cookie the better. I have experimented with different nut butters and even a little Nutella, coconut oil in place of butter, gluten free flours, and different types of oats. Bottom line, these cookies are delicious and versatile.