Teething Tricks

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

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a process that turns small children into sleep stealing monsters of the night. Preferential to the breast/chest feeding parent to ease their aching gums.

Punkin Butt Teething Oil has been a saving grace for our sleep when teeth start to make their appearance. I just got sick of pumping the poor kid full of Tylenol or Motrin when we weren’t sure if it was teeth or not. As he got older, it was far easier to recognize his teething signs. Full disclosure, it doesn’t necessarily work when there are a slew of teeth all coming in at once. For example, when the poor guy had 6 or more teeth giving him problems at the same time, not even a combination of Motrin and Punkin Butt Teething Oil would keep that guy asleep.

Before I started investigating more natural ways to help him with teething, I would be in for sleepless nights with an uncomfortable kiddo attached to my nipple for at least a week. It was the only thing that helped soothe him, which is not abnormal. If you are breast/chest feeding, pay close attention to how your child is latching on. You may notice he’s more concentrated on one side of his mouth attempting to get some pain relief.  Watch out for biting when this happens.

Not sure if baby is teething? Here are a few types of teething babies to be on the lookout for:

The drooly baby-this is the baby that is probably waltzing around with a bib to catch all of their spit in hopes of preserving their onesie as much as possible

The biting/chewing baby-this baby probably puts a lot of different toys in their mouths to chew on or bite along with pacifiers, maybe the nipple on a bottle, or their hands

The baby who won’t sleep-this baby needs some extra night attention because the pain is pretty unbearable.This will result in some co-sleeping or no sleeping

The fever baby-this kiddo may develop a fever or cold symptoms when teething; snotty nose, red cheeks, diarrhea a.k.a. the teething virus

Some of my other favorite teething products

The Teether Bug is my sons favorite! The feet have little nubs on them to give some extra relief.

Teething Bibs are great because if your baby is drooly it will help protect their clothes from getting soaked but also offers teething relief with the triangular silicone teether at the tip. Not to mention, who doesn’t love adding some functional flare to their kiddos outfit!



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