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Spring Break Travel with Kids

We have been dreaming of our beach vacation since December, and I am so ready. My husband started packing our bags a week in advance and is on me about getting my clothes together. WE. ARE. READY. This will actually be our 2 year olds first time on a plane, which is wild because our son had been on a plane at least 6-8 times in his first 2 years of life. I feel like a seasoned kid traveler, but at the same time am slightly terrified how our 2 year old is going to do and if she will be busy enough. So here it is, here is a list of items I recommend for infancy through kindergarten age for traveling with kids:

Newborn (0-2 months)

At this stage, I hope you are not doing too much traveling, but in the event that you are you don't need a whole lot! At take off, be sure to be nursing or feeding your child to help their ears pop as you enter the air space. Here's what you will want to bring for your tiny traveler:

  • baby carrier like a Boba wrap

  • stroller

  • diaper bag with diapers, wipes, change of clothes, and a ziplock bag in case of...accidents

  • bottles (if bottle feeding)

  • formula (if using)

Infant (2-12 months)

Honestly, my favorite time to travel is with babies from about 2-6 months-before they are truly mobile and trying to get out of your arms to travel the aisle of the airplane. It's best to try to schedule your flight around nap time. Again, be sure to be feeding your child during takeoff to help their ears pop. Here are my recommendations for flying with your kiddos in the first year:

  • everything listed in 0-2 months


  • favorite toy, like this crinkle stuffy

  • teething toy

Toddler (1-3 years)

This timeframe may be my least favorite to travel because there is a LOT going on developmentally for your child. It requires a lot of patience and willing to just let things go, BUT it can also be a lot of fun. I still recommend trying to schedule flights during times of sleep to minimize the need for entertaining your child on a long flight. You may still consider having your child sip on a bottle, water, or nurse during takeoff at this stage. Here are some ideas to keep your toddler entertained on the plane:

  • everything listed in 0-2 months BUT you can forgo the stroller if your child is more mobile


  • A notebook

  • Stickers, we snagged these Bluey stickers, and these animal stickers

  • Crayons

  • Usborne "That's Not My..." books

  • Water WOW! Books

  • Farm animals, dinosaurs, an airplane toy so that you can talk all things planes!

  • iPad

Preschool (3-5 years)

Things start to get easy here again because kids tend to understand things a bit more and can even enjoy a movie on a flight. You could let your child chew gum at this stage to help their ears pop or teach them different techniques like holding their nose and blowing to get their ears to pop during takeoff. Here are the items I recommend bringing for your preschool aged child:


  • Notebook

  • Water WOW! Books

  • Stickers

  • Crayons

  • Favorite toy, could pickup an airplane toy and talk all about planes at this stage too

  • Favorite books

  • iPad

Kindergartner (5-6 years)

Our son went on a trip last summer to Chicago, but the flight was short so I'm excited to see how flying is for him this time around. Our flight is going to be 3 hours and I know he may stay entertained by a screen for about 2. Our kindergartner is so excited anytime he gets to chew gum, so he will be chewing on some gum during takeoff to help his ears pop. Here's what we are packing to entertain our kindergartner:


  • Activity book with Math, Writing, Reading activities in it

  • Usborne 1001 Ocean Sticker Book

  • Mazes book-he's in LOVE with mazes and they keep him busy

  • A notebook

  • Stickers

  • Crayons

  • iPad

  • Nintendo Switch, and games

  • His "guys" (his favorite action figures, they keep him busy for hours!)

When it comes to toys and things think small, but think creatively. What do your kids spend a lot of time doing? My children could play with the tiny dinosaurs and farm animals for a long time. Plus, these items will be great to bring to the beach, throw in the pool, or just play with at the end of the day. Coloring and stickers are always a hit and I can get my son to draw me the beach, a plane, birds, we can inspire conversation and get creative with coloring as a family. Finally, I'm not above screen time, so on the plane I'm fully expect my children to be engaged with a screen at some point because they can't do much else on the plane as far as floor play and exploring.


It's a tradition to get Starbucks when we are traveling, so we will have breakfast at home (maybe, it's an early flight) and then grab a coffee at Starbucks to hangout and wait on boarding the plane. Kids included, we get them a vanilla steamer-they think it's so cool to have their tiny cups. Let's face it, everything is cute when it's kid sized. To save ourselves the airport overhead on snacks here's what I'm packing in our snack bag:

  • Solely Fruit Snacks

  • Applesauce pouches

  • Cliff Nut Butter Bars, Z bars, Lara Bars, Kind Bars, or Made Good snacks are great options too

  • Smartfood Popcorn, Veggie Straws, Cheetos, Pretzels or other crunchy salty snack

  • Jigsaw Fruit Punch Electrolytes, it will be a like a juice option for them but without the extra stuff and won't cost me extra money because it's something we have on hand

  • Candy (M&Ms etc. because I know it will catch their eye somewhere and I'd rather have it on hand)

Here are some other things we are bringing to make traveling easier:

  • Car Seat Bag this one is padded and my husband remembered being really uncomfortable with the other one we had, and well we have 2 car seats to carry this time. Here is the other one we have used in the past.

  • Kids headphones

  • Each kid will have their own backpack with their activities in it and some snacks

  • Empty water bottles (we will fill them up after we get through security)

  • Genexa Kids' Cold Crush (because we don't have time to be sick on vacation, first sign of a sniffle they will get the cold crush tabs)

  • Byronia Homeopathic medicine because it helps our daughter if she is having a hard time pooping, but it can also be used to help relieve those sore muscles after traveling

What about living accommodations?

Well, we prefer an AirBNB or VRBO situation. This time we snagged a house close to the things we plan on doing like hitting the beach, but we also got some cool amenities like a pool and trampoline at our AirBNB. We will be sharing with family, but we also found a house that has a crib in it which is great because then we don't have to travel with a pack and play. Check with the place you are staying (hotels included) to see if they're asre child sleep offerings. To be honest, our 2 year old will likely end up sleeping with us most of the time anyway; however, I'm hopeful the sun and sand tire her out and she sleeps like an angel child. Pray for us.

Where are you traveling for spring break? Maybe you have big plans for a summer vacation, share in the comments!

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