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Postpartum Skincare Gift List

It seems like everyone forgets to share about all of the random things that can happen to your body after the baby is born like your feet grow a whole size or your skin is breaking out like you just hit puberty again. Postpartum skin problems can occur at any time throughout the journey and it's due to the flux in hormone levels-specifically progesterone and estrogen. Your body is trying to recalibrate the hormone production post pregnancy and that can take some time. You may find you are more prone to postpartum skin problems if you have battled with acne or skin problems in the past. Skin flare ups may occur when certain things happen that may cause another recalibration of hormones like starting your baby on solids, getting your period back, stopping breast/chestfeeding. Another culprit of skin flare ups is stress, and is anyone more stressed than a first time parent trying to figure out life with a new baby?

Listen, I'm with you all. After about 4-6 months after my first baby my right cheek started breaking out pretty badly. Ok, the timeline might be off because this feels like a lifetime ago since my first baby is going to be 6 in a few short months. Anyway, I feel like I was hyper aware of it all because my whole life people have been complimenting my skin. Honestly, I was kind of I started seeing an esthetician more regularly and it was the best investment I could have made for myself, I needed my confidence back. After my second baby, I would say it hit later and wasn't as extreme; however, I had the tools and products to keep up with my skincare needs. Here is my list of tools or skincare products you may consider adding to your skin regimen:


These tools can help keep your skin extra clean in between visits to your esthetician

Nuderma Professional Skin Therapy Wand high frequency is maybe my favorite part about my facials. It helps to kill the bacteria in pores and help combat aging. This tool offers a little zap, just a heads up.

Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum enough said. This little vacuum is great for getting those pesky blackheads off your nose.

Skin Roller Set this request is inspired by the eye masks, they feel so luxurious I wanted to have a skin roller to rub over the eye masks as they marinated by under eye bags. Skin rollers are good for reducing puffiness and helping drain the lymphatic system, a nice face massage.


I feel like lips get forgotten, but it's winter in the midwest and I need a solid lip moisturizing pair plus your lips need SPF!

Jane Iredale Lip Drink SPF goodness. This is my favorite chapstick and you can get it in a few different shades.

Epionce Anti-Aging Lip Renewal winter means dry lips, but this lip renewal by Epionce helps hydrate your lips overnight.


You have a new baby...of course you need eye masks

Skin Medica Instant Bright Eye Masks sleep deprived? Then you need these eye masks, I promise it's worth the money. Use them as a weekly or biweekly routine to help brighten up those under eyes.

Pixi Detoxify Hydrating & Depuffing Eye Masks while the ones above are your 1x a week eye masks these eye masks can get you through the week by helping with the latest leap, lack of sleep caused by: sickness, teething, or cluster feeding.

Face Adding a mask and a serum to your skincare regimen is kind of a must have

Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser your day to day requires some strength and this is the cleanser to help fight those acne flare ups, suitable for all skin types

Birch Water Purifying Essence you have to tone your face, it helps your skin better absorb the products that follow the toner-like the moisturizer and improves elasticity

Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Mask the smell of these strawberry rhubarb products is pure heaven, you will enjoy the hydrating effects of this mask this winter.

Eminence Strawberry Hyaluronic Serum this serum adds more moisture and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Daily Shield Tinted SPF 50 Sunscreen this stuff is just pure magic. You don't have to figure out what your skin tone is because it just blends with whatever you got: ghost white because it's winter in Minnesota and the sun is nowhere to be found...or hello summer! This product also keeps your face from getting gunked up by other sunscreen products.

The Patch if you are dealing with pregnancy or postpartum skin issues then these little patches will make a great stocking stuffer. Put them on a zit before bed and witness the magic in the morning.


...yeah sometimes it's not just your face that gets hit with the hormone changes but your whole body

Earth in Bloom Body Glow (salt scrub) everyone needs a good scrub before the shower, this product is lightly scented and will leave your skin soft and moisturized.

Eminence Mangosteen Lotion if you deal with those tiny little bumps on your arms or have sensitive skin, I cannot recommend this lotion enough.


Ok, I'm not going to leave you hanging here are some of the best skincare tips I have:

  1. Wash your face 2x a day, but don't worry if you miss we are human and taking care of tinier humans so somedays it doesn't happen

  2. Flip your pillow every night, after 2 nights change your pillow case

  3. If you have to wear a mask for long periods of time, pack toner and tone your face every few hours to keep mask-ne at bay

  4. Get in to see an esthetician every 4-6 weeks to keep your skin nice and clean. An esthetician can give you individualized recommendations for your skin

  5. Don't pick your face, leave it to the professinals

If you are local to the Twin Cities here are some spots to checkout:

It might be last minute, but if anyone asks you what you want for Christmas send them some of your favorites from this list or save it for upcoming things like...your birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day whatever excuse you need to get some good skincare products into your bathroom and onto your face.

Share your favorite postpartum skincare products in the comments!

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