Placenta Encapsulation

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

I'm sure the majority have you heard about some weird Kardashian sister making placenta smoothies and feeding them to her family, but it’s not completely crazy. I’m not recommending making a smoothie with your placenta,, but I highly encourage you to consider placenta encapsulation; however, if you want to fry it up and eat it on toast I suppose you could do that too. You can actually look up placenta recipes, and of course Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey have something to say on the matter.

Let me be totally honest, the first time I heard about this was when a friend of mine had another friend who was pregnant and she was talking about having a lotus birth. After I heard about this, I found myself Googling away and landed on some really good information about placenta encapsulation. At my next checkup I asked my doctor about it, and she had no concerns. Fast forward to our childbirth prep class and placenta encapsulation got brought up, now I was really intrigued. Our instructor, an RN as well as a Birth Doula, recommended a woman in the MN area who she trusted to do this for her mommas, and now I refer clients to the same encapsulator, here is her info.

I can speak as a mom who had her placenta encapsulated, and it was a game changer. Compared to other moms around me I felt and appeared to have more energy than them, and my milk supply was on point. It gave me energy on those tough days after a night full of cluster feeding, and even helped my husband out on nights where his sleep was heavily affected by a frequently waking newborn.

Here is a list of the possible benefits:

1. Reduction in bleeding post-birth

2. Interferon stimulates the immune system and protects against infections

3. Helps milk come in quicker and stronger. There is prolactin in the placenta which helps promote lactation

4. Balances mommas hormonesReplenishes ironReduces stress levelsCortisone helps combat stress and unlocks energy

5. Helps prevent postpartum depression. Oxytocin is found in the placenta which helps pain and bonding.

6. Increases energyThyroid stimulating hormones that boost energy and help stress

Let’s break it down this way, when you give birth, you go from the highest level of hormones you’ve ever had in your body to the lowest, how would that not have an effect on us? Why not combat that with a natural option if we can? As always, we were a little skeptical but it wouldn’t hurt anything to give it a try.


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