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Pacifier or Bust?

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Pacifiers, the devil or an absolute necessity?

First of all, why in the world are there so many options? The fan favorite seems to be the Nuby, but unfortunately I don’t have too many tips for picking a pacifier because our son HATED THEM. That’s right, not all baby’s take a pacifier, shocker, unless you have read any of my other previous posts you already knew this fun fact.

Listen, it is ideal if you can wait until after you have established a strong breast/chest feeding relationship and milk supply before introducing an artificial nipple (4 to 6 weeks) but I’ve been there sweet parent, we gave our son a pacifier within the first few nights we got home from the hospital in hopes of some quiet, it lasted about 2 minutes before he spit it out. It did end up being one of his favorite things to just carry around or play with, so it provided comfort as a toy at the very least.

As a breast/chest feeding parent you will learn you are not always just providing nourishment but also security and love through your nursing sessions. Essentially, you are a human pacifier and if you can’t handle that IT IS OK, that is when you give a pacifier because if it means ending your breast/chest feeding relationship or giving a pacifier to keep things going, introduce the pacifier.

Baby’s have a high need suck reflex for the first 3-4 months of life, so that is when you will find it is the most trying. With that being said, ALWAYS offer your baby the breast before assuming it is time for the pacifier. Determine what your baby’s nursing need is before grabbing the pacifier.

Finally, take the pacifier away early. I recommend around 6 months, that way the high suck need has diminished and you won’t have as hard of a time as if baby was getting into toddler territory. Coincidentally, 6 months is when you may find yourself introducing your baby to a cup rather than a bottle.

As always, remember that you are a badass parent.



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