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I'm having a c-section, why do I need a doula?

There are quite a few reasons to opt for a planned c-section, and you might feel like you won't need much support from a doula when you are lying on the operating table so you skip it BUT here are 6 reasons that might change your mind:

  1. You still need a birth plan and will still have questions before the big day, and while you have your OB it's nice to have someone else to talk things through that can give you more information and help you dive into your questions.

  2. The shakes. It's not talked about much, but this is a big operation and your body goes through referred pain, so while you can't feel the procedure your body is signaling that you are in pain which often results in uncontrollable shakes and uneasiness in the birthing person. A doula can remind you that this is normal and help distract you or focus on your breath in order to help calm you and your body down.

  3. Baby needs to be taken to be looked over by NICU first. Most parents don't want their baby to be alone, so opt to have their main support person to go with the baby and for the doula to stay by the birthing person. Information can be relayed between the two parties in the OR, but it's less scary for the new family if everyone has a support person they know.

  4. Helping initiate breast/chestfeeding. This is a big one. Sometimes breast/chestfeeding initiation can feel more abnormal for those going through c-sections and for some it's easy peasy, but we just never know how it will look. Doulas know what baby could be experiencing after the c-section and what you are going through. They can suggest different positions to help prevent any pressure on your incision and help facilitate a good latch.

  5. Taking some photos of the special moments between the new family. The fact is, you are still birthing your baby and it's great to have some special shots of those big moments!

  6. Navigating the operating room and the medical system, sometimes the medical staff isn't great at answering questions when they are