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How to Enjoy the Last Month of Pregnancy

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Did you see the Reel? I did a Reel about taking the day off Instagram for a day, but how it looks a little differently when your baby's guess date is quickly approaching. Pregnancy can be hard, but finding the joy in the last few moments is time well spent. After all, any day could be your last day being pregnant. Find time to appreciate your body and all it has done for you and take some time to visualize your birth experience. Here are 3 other ideas on how to pass the time and to bypass all of the "is the baby here yet" messages.

1. Ditch the due date for the due month!

Don't tell anyone your baby's "due date" because fun fact, only 5% of babies actually arrive on their due date. Instead, we, like many birth workers recommend thinking about your due date as a due month. Tell people you are due in June rather than the specific date. If you are due at the end of a month, like me, then pick the next month for baby's arrival (it's usually safest to pick after the guess date rather than before). Also, DO NOT be afraid to tell someone to stop asking.

2. Distract yourself

I've been lucky enough to be due the day after Christmas, so you better believe I have been baking up a storm (if you follow my personal IG you are well aware of my baking addiction). Every holiday season my family and I usually have 1-2 baking extravaganza parties where we overindulge on sugar, it's the best. Due to COVID we skipped the extravaganza which left me baking all of the things for my family of 3. Something else I have done is buried myself in work by creating content, just ask Bria and my husband. Maybe you love to take photos, or you have a long DIY or craft to-do list well hop to it as your due date approaches and you start feeling a little anxious. Have a reading list you have been slacking on? Grab your exercise (or birth) ball and enjoy reading for a bit.