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How common are water births at hospitals in the Twin Cities, MN?

Note: This post will be updated whenever we receive new information. If you work at a local hospital and would like to have your stats added or updated, please email Bria at: If you're part of a group improving birth outcomes for underserved communities, please send us your donation link!

Let's talk about water birth! There is growing desire amongst pregnant people to experience a water birth, and we're here for it.

What is water birth exactly?

Water birth is when babies are actually born into a tub or pool of water. This is different from hydrotherapy: using a shower or immersing yourself in a tub during labor for pain relief (though, that's cool too!). We note the difference because we often hear from clients that their OB provider "doesn't allow water birth" but often those same providers DO support laboring in water. We've seen hydrotherapy provide great pain relief for our clients in active labor and transition.

Clients choose water birth for a variety of reasons. Studies show