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Fireworks and Baby Sleep!

Summer's here! Rising temps, BBQs, trips to the pool....and the 4th of July is right around the corner. How does it always come up so quickly?? I'm sure at least one of your neighbors has made a trek over to Wisconsin for the big fireworks to blow off this weekend - we can only hope they'll run out by midnight at least!

Back in my single days, I looooooved fireworks! But the first 4th of July after I had babies was nerve-wrecking. My daughter was only 3 months old, and we were already battling sleep deprivation. I was scheduled to go back to work after maternity leave on July 5th, and I was terrified we weren't going to get a wink of sleep.

Are you nervous about your baby's sleep on Sunday too? We hear you! We've been there. Let's chat tips and tricks for getting baby to sleep at home!


Invest in a sound machine

Sound machines are awesome tools for baby sleep in general! They help your little one fall asleep faster, deeper, and stay asleep longer. A good sound machine can help mask the inconsistent booms, and will be great for future use: travel, big siblings, or hosting friends while baby is sleeping. Try a brown noise machine for a relaxing sleep.


Don't worry too much!

80% of kids will sleep through a smoke detector going off. Babies are in their deepest sleep cycle during the first part of the night, and chances are they won't even notice firework booms. Get them to bed before dark, so they have a chance to get into that deep sleep! Fingers crossed that this is the case for you 🤞.


Extra cuddles, if baby does wake up

If baby wakes up, give them a minute to see if the roll back over. If they need some extra cuddles, that's ok too! Keep calm when you're with them, to show them there's nothing to be afraid of. Don't force it too hard if they're getting worked up - try taking them out of the room, or try babywearing to comfort them.

🎆 Love fireworks and want to take baby out to see them? Consider babywearing, and a Hush Hat, to keep baby calm and comfortable!

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