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BIRTH MYTH: "I don't need a birth plan, because nothing goes according to plan anyway"

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

It's true, birth is very uncontrollable and rarely goes according to plan. Once we get into labor, we need to stay flexible! BUT the benefit of the birth plan isn't the plan itself.

Benefits of a Birth Plan:

  1. The time you spent educating yourself on all of the different options. You'll want to do a little learning before putting something on your plan, and this will help you understand all of the possibilities so that you're not hearing of them for the first time in labor. Utilize Evidence Based Birth's resources to start your research.

  2. The connection you have with your partner, about your birth and parenting choices. Creating your birth plan gives you space to discuss choices, before you're arguing in the moment.

  3. The discussions you have with your care provider about your plan. Bring your plan to a prenatal appointment. Ask your care provider questions like: "When was the last time one of your clients had a water birth?" and "Can you describe what delayed cord clamping means to you?"