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Best Breakfast Burrito Recipe

Can I tell you a secret? Over the last few weeks, I have not been taking care of myself how I should. What do I mean by that? Well, I know that I do best when I drink water before coffee and eat food before coffee, like real food not a random bar I grab from the snack bin. To be fair, like most of the world with kids, I have been in and out of a state of sickness. But today, today I made second breakfast because after I made my way out of the Starbucks drive thru with my Tall Starbucks Blonde Vanilla 9:45 A.M. my stomach reminded me that all I had eaten was half a bagel. I immediately started thinking about the food I could make when I landed on a breakfast burrito. Side note: I feel so funny when I say "I'd like a tall blonde..." I choose my words wisely when I order hahaha.

As I was preparing my scramble for my burrito I was hit with memories of my grandmother who passed away in August. She used to make a scrambled egg dish every time we came to visit her from Wisconsin. It was the dish she would send us off with in the morning as a last symbol of love, to say she would miss us and to drive safe. Besides love, she made the eggs with white onions, diced ham, and velveeta cheese. I'm pretty sure she mixed the eggs with a little milk to make them fluffy, but I can't remember. Honestly, it's one of those dishes that I never recreated and would only eat at her house. It was one of her many signature comfort food dishes, but this burrito really opened up the flood gates of breakfast memories.

Moving onto why I'm sharing a burrito recipe. I've been taking a prenatal nutrition course, so I have been very intentional with every meal. So intentional, that when I made a red lentil pasta sauce my children refused to eat it. Honestly, it wasn't very good and some recipes are just a bust, but this burrito recipe will have you running to Costco for all of the egg.s. This burrito includes the big players: carbs, protein, and fat and the players we often forget about...especially at breakfast like folate and choline which are really important from preconception throughout pregnancy.

Why are these things so important from preconception and beyond? Let's talk about them.