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Best BBQ Foods for Lactation

Backyard BBQ season is upon us! Light up the grill and bring on the watermelon. But seriously, if you are lactating you may have heard rumors about some foods harming lactation or irritating baby BUT you have also heard about foods that help spark an increase in the Pink Drink from Starbucks (hint, it's the coconut water). Here is a list of lactation fueling foods to stack high on your plate at your next BBQ.

Watermelon (and other fruits)

The problem lactating people run into quite often is hydration, so hydrating fruits like watermelon are the perfect summer BBQ staple but also a great lactation aiding food to add to your plate. Other hydrating fruits include strawberries, cantaloupe, peaches, and oranges. Fresh is probably best, but NEVER turn down peach cobbler...EVER.


Let's face it, this is probably a legit Minnesota BBQ staple, so pile it on top of your brat. Sauerkraut is stocked full of probiotics which is great for your and your baby's gut.

Lean Meats

Protein is essential in making breastmilk, and it's kind of like in you probably aren't getting enough. If you don't want to add additional carbs with the bun go bun-less but add lots of veggies and maybe even enjoy 2 burgers or 2 pieces of chicken, or try all the BBQ meats!

Salad (and other veggies)

It might be rare, but if there is a kale salad or other tasty summer greens salad load it up! Don't forget to hit up the infamous veggie platter and look for these hydrating veggies: cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, zucchini, peppers and even cauliflower. Zucchini and cauliflower are extra tasty grilled, so don't be afraid to try some new things this summer!


That's right, enjoy a beer! If it's hoppy that can help drive a little bump in supply,. Why? The barley! What beer do you choose? Guinness and milk and oat stouts are often the way to go if you're looking for a lactation booster, but if dark hoppy beers aren't your thing that's ok. It's also ok to just enjoy a beer for the sake of enjoying an ice cold beer on a pool float.

*NOTE* If you get doing cartwheels into the pool drunk, pump that milk and save it for a milk bath on another day. Other tips while drinking and nursing include feeding baby before you consume your drink and waiting 2 hours to feed baby again; although it's not harmful if your baby gets hungry sooner.

Finally, enjoy yourself! There is no doubt in my mind that you will get in those extra 300-500 calories on a backyard BBQ day. Fuel up, friends!

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