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Ask Your Kids For Help

It can cause us a little anxiety asking our kids to help us in the kitchen or around the house. We may want to pull our hair out, take over, or call it quits but it will make their littles hearts smile when you ask for their help. They LOVE to help. No reward or allowance required. What better way to build an independent child than to ask for help doing the everyday tasks we do like feeding the dog?

What are some tasks your kids can help with? • Cooking/baking • Vacuuming  • Wiping up the counters and appliances down • Cleaning up his own messes and tray after dinner

• Cleaning up play room • Making their bed • Putting their shoes and jackets where they belong • Dishes • Feeding the cat/dog

• Walking the dog

• Letting the dog outside • Putting away toys  • Laundry

These all look very different, sometimes your kids will only put away a few dishes and sometimes they will clean up their whole play room by themselves, but they are getting the hang of things and attention spans vary by age. This is just a fun way to get them involved with the normal day-to-day things we do instead of letting them pull on our leg while we cook or clean.

Play some fun music, sing, dance and take care of business! Kids LOVE to help, they love to be around their family and they don’t need any reward to do it. It is easy to get caught up in making things perfect or getting it done quickly, but sometimes we need to take notes from the kiddos and embrace the imperfect in order for them to flourish. Dirty ovens and sticky floors are key indicators of happy children.