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8 tips to survive hot pregnant summer

The summer heat is upon us and if you are expecting a baby this fall that means you are in peak sweaty Betty season. Let's face it, even if you just found out your pregnant the heat will not be lost on you. It may feel like as soon as you walk outdoors you are pouring sweat from all body surfaces like that one sweaty guy in spin class whose mat is soaked before the warmup is even finished. So, if you find yourself feeling hotter than normal, now that you have a bun in the oven you are not alone. Your pregnant body is about 0.4°F hotter than non-pregnant bodies. Seems like a tiny difference, but it makes a big difference in times of extreme temperatures. I will say that after having 2 winter babies it is nice to be able to walk out into the Minnesota winter tundra when I'm peak sweaty Betty.

It's important to keep your temperature under 102°F while pregnant. This is why most doctors recommend avoiding saunas, hot tubs, and hot baths (warm baths are ok!). Prolonged high body temps raise your risk for miscarriage and birth defects, so definitely call your doctor if you're running a fever!

Try these tips to keep your temp in check!

  1. Avoid prolonged sun exposure, and wear a hat when out in the sun (pregnancy makes us more prone to sunburns!). Invest in a sun tent for the beach, it's an investment you will use at future sporting events and beach trips as your family grows.

  2. Keep a water bottle with you at all times as a reminder to stay hydrated, but have fun with it! You can add your favorite fruits to your water to spice things up a bit. Another great option to sip on this summer are electrolytes. Checkout LMNT (my favorite flavor is raspberry) and Jigsaw (fruit punch is the way to go here).

  3. Get in the water! Swimming is really helpful with baby positioning and can also keep you cool. Not interested in getting to your local beach? Invest in a kiddie pool - you can use it again when your baby is older! If you are really in touch with your inner child breakout the sprinklers.

  4. Run a personal fan on your desk or grab one to put on your stroller if you are already carting one kiddo around the parks this summer.

  5. Take cool showers because rumor has it there are some solid benefits to cold showers. While it may keep your temperature in check you may also find it helps reduce any inflammation and muscle soreness you are experiencing too. UCLA Health shares 5 more tips of the cold shower you might enjoy.

  6. Amp up your cool food intake think smoothies, iced red raspberry leaf tea, shakes, salads, gazpacho, watermelon, cucumbers, oranges, berries, and even popsicles like Deebees or Johnny Pops. We just went for a walk yesterday at peak heat hours and I needed a popsicle after, it's always nice to have them on hand! Or, be like Doula Bria, and consume dozens of ice cubes on a daily basis 😃

  7. Exercise in air conditioned spaces, or during the early morning hours outside when it's much cooler (not like me yesterday on a walk at 2pm). After your workout, try a cool shower instead of piping hot then treat yourself to a tasty smoothie. If hiking is usually your go-to summer activity consider shorter hikes or finding a lake path you can enjoy that may not be as taxing on your pregnant body in the heat of summer.

  8. Get a cooling towel to help keep you cool on walks, in the car, at the office or even just hanging out on your back deck.

Here are some signs to look out for if you are pregnant and getting a little too toasty:

  • temperature over 103 degrees

  • hot, dry, red, or cold and clammy skin

  • fast pulse

  • headaches

  • any dizziness (or think back to your drinking days, we don't want any rooms to be spinny)

  • feeling really nauseas or vomiting (not related to morning sickness)

  • continuing to sweat buckets even after your attempts to cool down

Here is the smoothie that got me through my first trimester with my daughter in the summer (because yes, even 6-12 weeks pregnant you get hot)

Pina Colada Smoothie

  • 8 oz milk of choice (I prefer coconut milk or coconut water)

  • 1 cup of tropical fruit blend

  • 1 tsp of lime juice

  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (look for one that is third party tested)

  • Put all ingredients in the blender, blend everything together on high until combined

  • Pour in your favorite cup and enjoy, preferably with a tiny drink umbrella

Did you feel hotter than normal during your pregnancy? What's your favorite cool down activity?


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