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8 things to pack in baby's diaper bag

It's the holiday season, so you will no doubt be packing and repacking a diaper bag for many festive events. Ok. this list applies to regular everyday life not just the festive days but let's face it some of you may be experiencing the holiday with a baby in tow for the very first time and you want to be prepared! Here are the items that make you look like you have your s**t together. Bonus points if you show up put together (maybe with a coffee in hand) and a gift for the host.

  1. Reusable laundry bag or Gallon sized Ziploc Having a bag in your bag can be used to store blow out outfits until you get somewhere you can wash them. Some people opt for puppy bags as a diaper bag add for diaper changes on the for those diaper changes that might happen on the side of the road or at the park.

  2. Change of clothes (including socks) Number 2 goes hand in hand with number 1 (see what I did there). Always pack a FULL extra outfit for your baby when you are out in about. Diapers can get wonky and leaks...or blow outs happen. Be prepared!

  3. Snacks for you...and baby if they are taking solids Having your baby's favorite snack on hand when they are taking solids, then you should always have a snack on hand. It can help you get through a wait at the DMV or get you through your grocery list at Target, maybe even a stroll through the home decor aisle. Checkout Serenity, Fresh Bellies, and Amara. Snacks for you would include: Epic protein bars, nuts & seeds, Luna bars, and chia pouches. I shy away from fresh fruit because I have forgotten about an apple or a cutie more times than I can count.

  4. If you are formula feeding, a travel formula dispenser + bottles I am always so fascinated by the formula dispensers when I see them, pure genius. They can double as snack holders as your baby transitions, or formula in some and snacks in the others. What I'm saying is you have options here. Don't forget the bottle so you can feed your baby, pre-fill the bottles with water or bring a bottle of water to fill up and shake on the go.

  5. If you are breast/chestfeeding in the early days, I recommend throwing a bottle and a Haaka or manual pump in the bag Breast/chestfeeding can leave you feeling leaky or full at times. If you are driving or riding passenger and need to express some milk then something like a Haaka or manual hand pump like this one from Medela can be great tools to help you relieve some pressure and BONUS feed your baby on the go if you are in the car. for help on picking a bottle, read this post

  6. Baby's favorite toy It's never a bad idea to bring your kiddos favorite toy, so long as it is small and can fit in the diaper bag (they usually are). My son and daughter both enjoyed Mr. Quackers (that's what we named the toy) for car seat entertainment. The toy doubles for entertainment at those houses your adventuring to that aren't necessarily kid friendly.

  7. A light blanket, my favorite is a muslin blanket If you don't feel comfortable breast/chestfeeding your child in public then these lightweight blankets can be a good way to accomplish feeding in public. It can also keep your baby warm, you can use the blanket as a swaddle if they are napping at your destination, or just throw it on the floor as a play mat.

  8. Don't forget the diapers and wipes, or you'll definitely look like an amateur Our daughter is pretty sensitive, so we've been loving the Special Delivery Diapers from Huggies. We had to switch wipes too and found Water Wipes are best for her undercarriage, but are very pricey (worth it). Don't forget to check for Target Deals, I just got $20 back after spending $100 which is worth it in the world of diapers and wipes.

...but what about the diaper bag? When looking for a diaper bag, add one to your registry or cart that includes an insulated pocket and a changing pad. It makes changing and feeding baby on the go a lot easier and less messy. The included changing pad is helpful for public restrooms too because they are almost always out of the paper covers. This diaper bag is popular and durable, plus there are color options.

Pro tip: if you are in the midwest NEVER leave your diaper bag in the car. Why? FROZEN WIPES! This has happened to me too many times that I feel like a word of caution is needed.

Finally, the holidays don't come without a little shopping, so if you're hitting the malls for holiday shopping with a baby in tow then I'd recommend packing up the stroller and a baby carrier for multiple options to carry the baby, the diaper bag and the shopping bags. If you are just going to the grocery store and your baby isn't ready to sit up in the cart quite yet then opt for the baby carrier over lugging the carseat and or stroller around the store. If you want to skip the store all together, checkout Shipt!

What's in your diaper bag?

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