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8 Holistic Ways to Combat Morning Sickness

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

The majority of pregnancies don’t start with you running to the toilet like a scene in a rom com like Knocked Up. Morning sickness often doesn’t hit until weeks 4-6. It also hits all day, not just in the morning. Ask any pregnant person experiencing it and they will call it “all day sickness.” It’s one of those terrible jokes pregnant people like to make.

I’m not sure there is any way to completely rid your first trimester of morning sickness, but here are my go-tos for keeping the nausea at bay.

Sea bands These bands are used by those who get sick at sea, but are also great for battling nausea! They put pressure on the P6 acupressure point in each wrist which has been proven to give relief to those experiencing nausea and vomiting.

Vitamin B6 be sure to check how much your prenatal vitamin and has, as well as any other supplements you may be taking. You should't be consuming more than 100 mg of B6/day. The University of Michicgan conducted a study which found to combat morning sickness, you need to take 10-25mg of B6 3x a day.

Probiotics you should consider talking a probiotic even before you are pregnant, but this may also help with morning sickness symptoms by helping balance out the bacteria in your gut.

Preggie Pops are a great hard candy you can take (also includes B6) to help subdue your morning sickness symptoms.

Tea is also a great option for morning sickness! The best teas are peppermint, chamomile, raspberry leaf, and ginger.

Eat what stays for a lot of moms in the first trimester this seems to be pretty carb heavy with bread. Expecting parents find themselves craving quite a bit of fruits and veggies during this time. Try not to indulge on the processed breads too much, but you need to eat to nourish baby! Proteins are great options here too. Exercise!! I know, you can stop rolling your eyes now, but hear me out! Keeping an active lifestyle will help you reach the finish line of this first trimester a little bit easier! Even on the worst days go get a sweat sesh in...or a light walk! Kombucha is an ancient Chinese tea elixir, and it’s delicious! A few years ago if you Googled it, it was mainly history based information and the only one you would find on the shelves was GTs (which by the way is the yummiest). I drank it before pregnancy to ease an upset stomach, so you better believe I used it during these trying times of my first trimester. If you weren’t a Kombucha drinker pre-pregnancy limit your intake to a few tablespoons a day. If you drank it before then 8-16 oz a day should be fine. There are trace amounts of alcohol in Kombucha, so make sure to check with your OB or Midwife before using it as an anti-nausea remedy.

P.S. If you have extreme morning sickness consult your OB or Midwife for additional options such as medication.



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