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7 Things Your Doula Wants You to Know About Postpartum

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Postpartum = the period of time after birth. 73% of our followers report that postpartum is the hardest part of pregnancy. Why? We don't know what to expect, and we aren't prepared! Here's our list of things we wish someone would have told us about postpartum.

7 things to know about postpartum:

  1. You'll bleed vaginally, even if you have a c-section. Stock up on menstrual pads and/or adult diapers. This bleeding is usually more intense than a period, and lasts 3-6 weeks.

  2. Breast/chest feeding is a learned skill, and might not come naturally. Set yourself up for success by booking Lactation Support with Tabitha.

  3. Skin-to-skin contact with baby is important for milk supply, and regulating baby's vitals.

  4. Your uterus still contracts even after baby is out. This can be uncomfortable, and these contractions generally get stronger after each pregnancy. It usually lasts for a few days, and is triggered by milk letdown (breast/chest feeding or pumping).

  5. Plan to stay in bed for the first week - you're healing! Check out our blog post on the