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6 Tips to Easing Baby Upset Tummy

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

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You know the way your baby is kicking their legs and crying? Chances are you have run into tummy problems, but here are my favorite ways to help baby get their bowels moving and happy again. I can’t tell you how many times I make these recommendations to parents. These are some of the best tips for getting baby to get baby pooping.

Tummy Massage sit with your legs bent and together and place baby on your thighs. You will take your hands and slide them down on your baby’s tummy from the top to the bottom one hand after the other, trying not to break contact with your baby’s tummy.

Move babies legs in a bicycle motion this is usually done in addition to tummy massage. You will do the massage and then take baby’s legs and move them like a bicycle. You can do a few rounds of the massage and bicycle motion to get things going.

Warm bath a warm bath will help calm your baby’s bowels and may get things moving quite quickly, so be prepared to clean the bathtub.