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6 Things To Discuss At Your 6-Week Postpartum Check-up

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Giving birth is incredibly hard on the body, no matter how your labor and delivery went. Despite the intensity, if you birthed in a hospital you'll likely only have one postpartum check-up with your medical provider. This appointment is traditionally around 6 weeks postpartum, and is usually about 10 minutes long.

Postpartum people often tell us that they were disappointed by how quick this appointment is. They expected more support, during a very tough time.

We believe that the 6-week checkup is misunderstood. People expect it to be cohesive postpartum care, when in reality, that's not your OB or hospital midwife's scope.

Included in your 6-week appointment: Checking in on your physical recovery

NOT included in your 6-week appointment: lactation, sleep, nutrition, mental health, family dynamics.... basically all the things that are super hard about postpartum. If you have questions about any of these topics, we encourage you to reach out to a postpartum doula.

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