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6 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Your Kids

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

How fitting that my husband and I would be finishing up Christmas shopping the same day that I post this. First of all, it is INSANE at the stores and you may be realizing that you missed the good shipping dates for all online options, so here are some gifts you can get in store and some you can try to get delivered by Amazon before the jolly red man in the suit arrives! Happy shopping....also everything opens late on Sundays so the time crunch is on as we try to get it all done before our son gets home from grandmas.

1. Build It

...and they will come, but seriously kids love to build. The truth is Lego Duplo Sets and MAGBLOCK tiles will have the whole family building fun creations for years to come, it's a classic gift! I chose the linked Magnetic Tiles because they are way more magnet-y than the Magna Tiles you see advertised everywhere.

2. Get Creative

At our house, the craft cabinet is just as out of control as our playroom but the ideas are endless and the stickers are plentiful. Keep your cabinets stocked with glue, popsicle sticks, a variety of paper, felt, paper plates, paint, paint brushes, beads, pipe cleaners and so much more! Checkout ABCDee Learning for more craft supply ideas.

3. The Gift of Wonder

Also known as experience gifts! You could request zoo and museum memberships, swimming lessons, piano lesson, skating lessons...the list is never-ending! What is your kid interested in? Sports and activities can get expensive so any money that can be dumped into a sports fund is a welcome gift every season.

4. Things They Need

You know the memes that go around about a kid running out of toothpaste and the parent responds, "ok, well it will have to be part of your Christmas gift." You can go that basic, but think along the lines of socks, new jeans/pants/tights. Apparently our son prefers boxer briefs over briefs so he is getting some new underwear as a stocking stuffer. I'm loving the pop fidgets for the kids this season, we snagged one with the alphabet and numbers on it to help merge letter and number recognition with fun.

5. Stock the Library

BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS! I am a sucker for all things Usborne so I'm absolutely linking them. Some of our Usborne favorites are Nibbles and the That's Not My...Series (which you can purchase at Barnes and Noble if you can't wait for shipping). Target and Kohl's both carry these cute Never Touch A...series If you want to encourage some learning this holiday season then don't forget the activity books or books about your kids interest like the moon or dinosaurs...all kids like dinosaurs.

6. Puzzled

These wooden puzzle pieces come with cards for the creations to keep on coming! Melissa & Doug offer great puzzle options as well. You can find some great puzzles through Usborne too.

Bonus Gift!

When I was pregnant, I got hooked on margarita and champagne truffles from Abdallah Candies but they have the best candies for the holidays if you are looking to make things a little more special and more tasty this holiday season. You will find great stocking stuffers here or great chocolates to hide for you to enjoy after all of the presents are wrapped and under the tree.

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