5 Winter Postpartum Wardrobe Essentials

In Minnesota, on the first day of November it was 70 degrees so imagining the polar vortex that is hiding in the breeze is unfathomable BUT it will be here before we know it. If you are expecting a polar vortex baby CONGRATULATIONS because you get to enjoy your postpartum nest during a time where being cozy and staying in is encouraged by all. Postpartum should be full of warmth: clothes and food. It can be hard to imagine sipping bone broth or eating stews while rocking a cozy cardigan in the middle of summer. It's my favorite time to postpartum, but I haven't done it any other season.

I have two winter babies and I could not appreciate the coziness of a winter wardrobe more than I do during postpartum recovery. I urge you to spend intentional time getting to know your new baby and their nuances while being cozy in your own home. At Bright Earth, we are huge fans of the 5/5/5 rule. This means 5 days in your bed getting acquainted with your baby and breast/chestfeeding, then 5 days in/on the bed doing the same thing but with some more movement, and finally 5 days in/around the bed. The idea is to limit visitors and social engagements and to be really intentional with your healing and bonding time. During this time, you will want to be comfortable and you will want it to be easy to whip a nip out to feed your baby.

Setting up your postpartum wardrobe can be a fun day of shopping while you are still pregnant. We recommend scheduling a date when you are feeling impatient for baby's arrival because it will give you something to look forward to. You can make a whole day of it by grabbing lunch with a friend and shopping to your hearts content for the arrival of your baby. Before you hit the stores, you will want to take a look at your current wardrobe and fill in the gaps then go out and purchase some items you could wear postpartum. How do you pick when you don't know what size you will be? Consider going 2 sizes up from your normal size. For example, I was a medium pre baby so I bought XL bottoms for my postpartum nest clothes and medium-large for my tops. Head to @fashionfixmn to learn more about wardrobe tips!

Alright, let's get into it here is the list you have come here for:


I live for lounge wear, but I'm going to say it. I get sick and tired of black leggings on constant rotation. It's nice to have some pieces that you can rotate for bed and daytime wear when you are in those early weeks. Let's be honest, you may just rock the same outfit for a week straight so you might as well be comfortable!

Currently, I'm LOVING this set from Target. I am still breastfeeding my youngest, and this top has functional buttons which means yes, you can still feed your baby. When it comes to buttery soft lounge and pajama pants, Stars Above has the perfect pant for everyone, these pants are on constant rotation in my pajama drawer...I even walked my son to the bus stop in them. Which... kind of breaks one of my rules, but my mom used to (and still does) rock fleece cartoon character pajama pants EVERYWHERE. My son should be grateful mine just had stripes hahaha.

You know what's great about this loungewear movement? You can spice it up by making your look look more put together with a claw clip, a knot headband, or a scrunchie with a bow option. You can often mix and match your tops and bottoms with regular casual wear as well which makes loungewear super versatile for the mom on the go.


My favorite bras are these. These bras are easy and comfortable. You don't need to fuss with clips in the middle of the night or during the day you simply move it to the side and you are ready to go. You can find them on Amazon in a pack full of fun colors to spice up your postpartum wardrobe here.

I'm also a fan of these bras because they don't feel like they are too tight or smothering my indecisive cup size in the early days of breastfeeding.

For those days when I want some more support and to look put together, Auden nursing bras have me covered. This brand is so great in the underoos department. Auden also makes my favorite sports bra which is great for the postpartum nest or for when you are ready to get back into the gym.

Nursing Tank Tops

If you guessed that I was going to provide another link to a Target product then you are right...haha here is the nursing tank I've been rocking since my first son was born. This is a great place to check your wardrobe for what you already have because you can usually slip a nip out of any tank top you own if it's got enough stretch. This may be easier if you are smaller chested. I have a lot of tank tops with built in bras I wear postpartum for extra support and ease of access for feeding baby.

Cozy oversized cardigan

My favorite combo postpartum is an extra warm cardigan and a bra. I lived in this cardigan for my last baby. This is also a great area to check your closet and see what you have because usually cardigans like this don't need to be sized up to fit during your postpartum nesting period.

If you want something with a zipper so you can zip up in between skin to skin and nursing sessions, checkout this warm sweater.

Don't forget the feet!

Ok...It says four things but don't forget to add some cozy socks and cozy slippers! No one likes cold feet. You can also snag some extra fuzzy sucks as the holidays are upon us, everyone needs more fuzzy socks in their lives.

Writing this post makes me want to get cozy with a baby. I truly hope you are able to honor your body and recovery with all of the warmth of the season. Grab your favorite sweater and cozy up with your new babe in front of the fire place binge watching your favorite Netflix show. Postpartum is more magical when we are intentional with our time.

What are your favorite postpartum nest wardrobe must haves? Share them below with fellow parents!

Happy postpartum nesting!

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