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5 Tips to Help You Transition into a Family of 2 or more Children

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Expecting baby number 2 with a toddler in the background can feel…well, unknown! You didn’t know what to expect of your first labor and delivery, so that was scary and now you remember how it was bringing home a tiny human with no one else to entertain except yourself and your partner. But now, now it is different. You now have another tiny human you need to entertain. Sure, you know what to expect from labor and delivery, but what the heck do you do when you come home with a newborn and have a sweet toddler waiting to show you what they have been up to for the last few days?

Hire help!

Get yourself a postpartum doula! They can help with other children, household chores, meals, and holding baby so you can take a shower. With our birth package we offer 1-2 postpartum visits and we have an additional postpartum doula package available for parents looking for extra help. Add a postpartum doula to your registry, ditch the extra onesies. You could even consider childcare at this point for your older child. It could be a few hours a day, or the whole day. They will enjoy some time with new friends. If you aren’t interested in that, checkout and interview a nanny who can come to your home a few hours or days a week!

Hire a cleaning lady! That's right I said it, hire a cleaning lady. You may consider having them do a deep clean before the baby's due date, so you don't have to worry about scrubbing baseboards and cleaning the microwave. You could get on a biweekly schedule or even just once a month. This can be helpful in this time of need. You could also consider a postpartum doula who will come in and do small tasks like laundry and dishes for you.

Call in reinforcements