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5 Tips For Keeping Babies Warm in the Winter Weather

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Happy October!

I know it's like 70° today, but that cold weather is coming soon friends!

Cold weather is no reason to stay inside. Studies show that babies greatly benefit from fresh air! It improves their moods and can help them sleep. In fact, in many Nordic countries, they place babies outside for naps 😴

As you start to prep for dropping temps, here are our top 5 tips for keeping little ones warm:

1- Dress them in layers

  1. Inside layer: wool, to wick away sweat. Wool keeps kids warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Check out Wee Woollies for base layers that can be used all year!

  2. Middle layer: fleece for warmth. Keep it simple - fleece PJs work great.

  3. Outside layer: shell to keep out wind, water, and snow. Snowsuits work great for this, OR jump to tip #2 below!

2- Wear them under your jacket

  • This counts as an outside layer from tip #1. You may also want to skip the middle layer, because baby will stay plenty warm next to your body heat.

  • Buy a babywearing jacket like this 3-in-1 one from Modern Eternity (works while pregnant too!). Or wear a regular jacket that's oversized on you.

3- Invest in a car seat cover

  • Babies and kids should never wear jackets in their car seats - the straps need to be tight against their bodies.

  • While babis are in bucket seats, use a cover like this one. We like the ones with an option to cover their face, to protect the from wind & cold as you dash from car to destination.

  • For big kids, try a car seat coat, or have a big blanket to throw over them once they're safely buckled in.

  • Check out for more car seat safety, and follow them on Instagram: @safeintheseat

4- Sleep Sacks for all kids

  • The AAP recommends babies under 12-months use a sleep sack, instead of a loose blanket, in order to reduce the risk of suffocation.

  • Sleep sacks come in big-kid sizes too! A great option for keeping big kids warm if they squirm a lot in their sleep and kick off blankets.

5- "Check the neck"

Wondering if your child is warm enough? Touch the back of their neck with your hand. That will give you a good gauge of their core temperature.

Bonus tip!

Check out 1000 Hours Outside for more fantastic outdoor inspiration. Follow them on Instagram: @1000hoursoutside

What did we miss??

Comment below with your best tips for getting babies outside!

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