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5 Must Haves for Your Lactation Station

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Setting yourself up for success in the fourth trimester is a must. You are preparing for birth BUT ALSO PARENTHOOD! I hope your freezer is stocked with easy crock pot meals, lasagna, and lots of treats but don't forget about where you will be spending a lot of your time in those early days: feeding your baby in your bed, rocking chair, and/or couch. Your partner may not get a lot of time off work, so having a station setup that has all the things you may need during a nursing session is a game changer. Here are things I recommend you have in arms reach:

1. Lanolin (for extremely sore nipples)

You can ABSOLUTLEY use your own milk to help your nipples heal if you are experiencing sore, cracked, or bleeding nipples (...but also book a consult with me if your sore nipples are lasting more than 2 weeks). You can also grab that tub of coconut oil from your pantry OR snag a little tub of Motherlove or Bamboobies nipple cream.

2. Chapstick

Nipple cream for your lips, hahaha! But seriously....make sure chapstick is within reach. I always feel like I need right now while I'm writing this blog post and there is not in sight. I love the regular Chapstick Brand, but for when I need extra moisture I love Youthfull Lip Replenisher.

3. Haakaa

No one, and I mean NO ONE wants to hook up to a pump in the middle of the night and for that, the Haakaa is the solution. This easy to use silicone pump allows you to catch any extra drippings from the side your baby isn't eating off of. The Haakaa is also a great way to pump in the middle of the night if your baby is catching some extra zzz's. Add some milk storage bags and a marker to the station as well just in case you fill up the Haakaa you can add it to a storage bag right away and mark down all of the info!

4. Shellies

These shells make anyone feel like they are living out their childhood dream of being a mermaid, but actually serve a purpose on nipple healing. The shells are cooling and pretty magical. You can break them out later on down the road in your feeding journey for things like teething too! You can also checkout Silverettes. .


Since you will be spending a lot of time in your feeding nest, make sure there are snacks! For this purpose, I would recommend things like Cliff Bars, Bobos Bars, protein bars, nuts, Mamma Chia Pouches, basically anything that can hangout in a basket for an extended period of time. Check out our Lactation Recipes for snacks you can make during pregnancy, to store in the freezer for lactation.

If your birth place didn't send you home with a ridiculously large water jug, buy one. Buy one now. I love my Hydro Jug.

Other Items

I would also recommend having some things for your baby like diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, and a light blanket.

If you want a nursing pillow like a Boppy or a Breast Friend, you could consider having that nearby, but otherwise make sure your lactation stations are popping with pillows for extra support!

It may be wise to add your postnatal vitamins and any other supplements you are taking to your station too. Maybe not the full bottles, but just in case you remember while you are there nursing your babe it would make it easier to act on it if they are nearby.

To learn more about lactation, register for our Lactation Workshop!

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