5 Mother's Day Gifts You Need This Year

Updated: Jul 13

You are going want to save this gift guide for holidays to come. These ideas are not exclusive to Mother's Day but... tis the season! Personally, I am not one for flowers and I do not need anymore mom mugs in my life. While I adore my children with every inch of my being I do not want to spend the following holidays with them: my birthday, Mother's Day, our wedding anniversary. Ok ok, I don't need to be apart from them for the whole day but a little space is nice.

1. Ember Mug

Say goodbye to microwaved coffee with the Ember mug (this is not an ad, I just really love my ember mug). No cheeky mom saying required, but the new rose gold mug is perfection.

2. Weekend Getaway

Sometimes, we all need to hit the reset button sometimes to be able to show up the best we can for our kids so book a night or a weekend...or a week long getaway with your partner or BY YOURSELF! Take some time off from being a mom. No diaper changes, no snack bitch duties. Enjoy! Not sure where to go? Check out the Omni Lakes Viking Hotel in Eagan, MN.

3. Spa Day

I recently got to enjoy a nice half day spa experience at Woodhouse Spa in Woodbury, and I cannot recommend it enough. If you book at the Omni for a getaway you can get 2 gifts in one spot and enjoy their luxurious spa!

4. Jewelry

I'm not talking heart shaped necklaces here, I'm talking new wedding ring or band. My husband tricked me last year with mom t-shirts for Mother's Day but when our anniversary rolled around there was the tiny box I was searching for. My fingers gained weight (haha) during my last pregnancy and I had been wearing some $5 ring from H&M on and off for the last 6+ months. It was so nice to get something that meant a lot to me. He went to Jared.

5. Check the SAVED FOR LATER section in the Amazon Cart

...or purchase the mom in your life something she has NOT been able to shut up about but also hasn't clicked PURCHASE on yet. Bria had this going on with her Young Living Essential Oils set and Mother's Day got her to finally hit PURCHASE!

I have about 100 things in that little SAVED FOR LATER spot Amazon lets you have. I also have a running wish list going...I should really combine the two things.

Alright, so you don't need all 5 gifts this Mother's Day BUT there are many other days we celebrate each year. If you were reading this to get ideas for the Mom in your life then remember this: Flowers Die. Motherhood is FOREVER. Don't get flowers, unless the mom in your life REALLY LOVES flowers but....the card better have a gift card or a night away in it.

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Happy Shopping!

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