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3 Post-Birth Interventions to Know About BEFORE You Go Into Labor

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

When I first started attending births as a doula, I spent a lot of time preparing my clients for the mental and physical aspects of labor. We talked about comfort measures, preparing their mindsets, and when to go to the hospital.

Then they would birth their baby, and 5 minutes later their OB or midwife would say something like, "ready for a shot of Pitocin?"

My clients were wide-eyed and overwhelmed. Here they are, trying to enjoy their Golden Hour with baby, and it's being interrupted by decision making. They weren't in the right headspace to be learning about the pros and cons of 3rd-stage Pitocin while trying to latch a baby for the first time.

Lessons learned...

Now, when I meet with clients I always make