Twin Cities Doulas

Get the support you deserve for the birth experience you desire.

Our doulas care is more than hip squeezes and replenishing cold washcloths. Our care is heavy on education, advocacy, and intuition. It begins in your home with the person who knows you best: your partner. We talk about your expectations of your partner's role in supporting you, and help create your birth plan so both your partner and doula know what you want. In the birth space, we create a collaborative team with your medical providers. We are not afraid to ask questions or talk to your medical care team, or use our voice to advocate for you if your voice isn't being heard. We are a no nonsense doula team, if you ask us a question we will be extremely honest with you and provide you with evidence you need to make the best decision for you and your family. 

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Birth Doula Package


We know you love your partner, but birth can get long and making decisions in vulnerable situations can be really hard. Our goal as your doula is to provide you with time and space to make informed decisions. Birth is a major life experience and we want your birth to be positive, we don't care if you want an epidural or a natural birth in the woods surrounded by local wildlife. We care about you.


  • Flat fee

  • Unlimited text, phone, email support from the time you sign the contract through 12 weeks postpartum

  • FREE access to our Preparing for Childbirth Education Course

  • 1-2 in-home prenatal visits lasting 1-2 hours each (can be scheduled evenings/weekends)

  • 24 hour on-call support for your birth from 38-42 weeks 

  • In-home labor support as early as requested in labor

  • Immediate postpartum support for approximately 1-3 hours post birth

  • 1 in-home postpartum visit to debrief your birth experience 

  • 1 freezer meal and lactation treat 

  • 25% discount on all other classes & events

  • Access to all of our published Guides 

  • 1 free yoga class with Amy Bizal Wellness

  • Optional add on:

    • $800 birth photography

Mini Investment

Birth Planning Session

Want to chat with a doula to gain insight to local hospitals, writing a birth plan or just asking all of your birthy questions to. This mini investment will get you started on the right foot.


  • 2 hour virtual coaching session

  • Choose a care provider

  • Write a unique birth plan

  • Understand your rights versus hospital policy

  • How you can include your partner in pregnancy and birth

  • How to navigate complications 

  • Looking for local resources 

  • Preparing for postpartum

Virtual or in St. Paul, Minnesota

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What Clients are Saying


It is bar far one of the best decisions we ever made. My husband was a little skeptical when I said I wanted to hire a doula but since our baby was born he is now the first one to recommend them to anyone he knows having a baby.


I chose Tabitha as my doula after interviewing about 5 others with different groups in the area. This was my first birth and I really appreciate how she showed up at the very beginning of my induction.


Despite deciding to hire a doula late in my pregnancy, I was quickly welcomed and supported by both of them to help me learn and prepare for delivery, stay informed about my choices in birth, and prepare for what was to follow.