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Megan Kruger

Hello! I’m Megan (she/her), a Duluthian who relocated to the Twin Cities in early 2019. A few things that bring me joy are my sweet and sassy dog Remmington, roller skating, hammocking with a good book, Ben & Jerry’s “Boom Chocolatta” ice cream, and my big spunky family (which consists of me having five sisters)!


The beginning of my Doula journey dates back to my early 20’s, having been blessed with the opportunity to support multiple of my family members during childbirth. During which, I was witness to the removal of bodily autonomy and the absence of informed consent during one of the most vulnerable moments of someone’s life . This brought forth the question of “How could I have further supported this person?” And “Is this the only way?”


 I’m here to tell you that there is indeed another way. You are the true boss of your birth! This sparked my passion for birth work and advocacy. I made it my mission to put in the work so that I could be in a position to assist birthing people and their families in knowing that they have choices in their birth process. Knowing that you don’t have to comply to age old societal and medicinal norms in the birth room. That YOUR voice matters! Thus leading to the present day, happily serving and advocating for clients the Twin Cities as a Doula! 


My mission as a Doula is to leave my clients feeling welcomed, heard, validated, educated, informed, empowered, and confident in the choices they make in their unique journey. Whether you’re birthing in a hospital, birth center, or the comfort of your home - I’m right there with you. I strive to provide a welcoming, loving, all inclusive atmosphere to those I come across regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and race. All are welcome and loved here!


I can’t wait to connect and grow with you on your journey. Let’s dance some babies out! 

DONA Approved Birth Doula Training, May 2021

Stillbirthday Training, Birth and Bereavement Doula, June 2022

VBAC Prep Class, BirthED, August 2022

Current Member of the Childbirth Collective 

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