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Lactation Support

Breastfeeding is biologically normal, but it isn't always easy.

Just like birth, your breastfeeding or chestfeeding journey should start with education. It is about more than just latching your baby, that is why it's called lactation support. You want to increase your milk supply? Then you have to do more than add a supplement to your regimen. Are you 3 months into your journey and your baby is frequently latching and unlatching? It's about more than the position. There is two people in the feeding relationship and both people have their unique anatomies and personalties. Ultimately, lactation support is about creating a collaborative care team to foster your breastfeeding relationship so you can reach your goals. 

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Lactation Package

This package combines education with immediate postpartum breastfeeding support to help make you successful in your journey. 

What's included:

  • FREE Access to Lactation Workshop 

  • Infant Feeding Survival E-book

  • Prenatal: 1 infant feeding plan call to discuss goals, supplies, and any concerns you have

  • 3 hour in-home visit after your baby has arrived

    • Pump fitting included: get sized for flanges and try out flanges for your pump

  • 12 weeks of unlimited text support after baby has arrived 

In-Home Lactation Visit

If your baby is already here and you are in the thick of figuring out your feeding relationship this visit will provide you with troubleshooting and a plan moving forward. 


  • 2 hour in home visit

  • 6 weeks text support

  • Follow up visits $90

Lactation Workshop
2 hours

Get educated about breastfeeding! This course isn't about just the golden hour or a picture perfect feeding relationship it gives you knowledge, realistic expectations and resources to start your journey off strong.

Plan to learn

  • anatomy and physiology

  • hormones

  • milk supply 

  • the golden hour and the first 48 hours

  • common problems and how to resolve them

  • pumping 101
    ...and more!

In-Person Options

Mother Baby Bonding

I worked with Tabitha for lactation support and it was an amazing experience. I received support leading up to my delivery as well as in the weeks after my son arrived. Following her in-home visits she provided a thorough recap via email and provided support via text message. Tabitha was so easy to work with and provided phenomenal resources to support my breastfeeding journey.


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