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Minneapolis Doulas inspiring clients to tap into their intuition, get educated about birth, and feel empowered in their new role as parents.

Knowledgeable pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and lactation support for growing families in the Twin Cities, Minnesota

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Our job as your doula is to provide physical and emotional support, information, and advocacy starting in pregnancy through postpartum. We help you feel empowered and confident going into your birth, with the goal of reducing unnecessary trauma. 

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Lifestyle Photography

Tabitha captures you and your family wherever you are at. Lifestyle photography means your photos are being captured in the space you are making the most memories (often your own home).  Available for maternity, newborn, and family photo sessions.

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Childbirth Education

Bria's interactive childbirth preparation courses will guide you through everything from hormones to birthing your placenta. Her approach is realistic with the goal of educating you about ALL of your options so you can make informed decisions.

Healthy Food

Nutrition Support

Feel truly supported in your journey from preconception to postpartum with tailored meal plans and personalized support to meet your nutrition goals & have a healthy pregnancy.

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Lactation Support

Tabitha isn't like any lactation professional you will find. Her organic, hands-off approach leaves you feeling confident in latching your baby. Don't worry, she doesn't forget to throw in the WHY so you can understand your baby and body well!

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Postpartum Doula

We hold the baby. Let us Mary Poppins our way into your home and truly care for you. Postpartum support includes cooking by a prenatal nutrition expert and infant feeding support from a certified lactation counselor. Leave your fourth trimester confident.

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About the Doula Duo

Tabitha founded Bright Earth Doula in the beginning of 2019. Bria and Tabitha were brought together by the Instagram algorithm later that year. They went through pregnancy together for their second and third children and while on maternity leave made Bright Earth Doula PLURAL in January, 2021. Their partnership has allowed them to offer clients a more complete experience with their offerings. They are striving to make parenthood less isolating by creating community through hosting various in-person events highlighting important topics as they relate to pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum journey.

Birth on the internet can get scary and hard to navigate, and it seems like everyone who has a traumatic story feels the need to share it with expecting parents.  Avoiding a traumatic birth experience is one of the most common reasons parents are hiring us. 

Tabitha went above and beyond in helping me through a long and difficult delivery! She came to our house twice, and stayed overnight. She was so supportive, calm, friendly, and thoughtful. Both my husband I felt supported and empowered by her presence! If you are lucky enough to have Tabitha as your doula, you will be beyond happy.


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