Our Classes, Workshops, & upcoming Events

All offerings are available to any pregnant person (you don't have to be our doula client!), and partners are encouraged to join for free.

Birth doula clients receive Preparing for Childbirth for free, and 25% off workshops.


Preparing For Childbirth - Lamaze

$400 / private class

$325 / 4-week group class

$225 / 1-day express group class

$150 / Refresher group class (for experienced parents)

All classes are taught by Bria (Lamaze certified childbirth educator):

  1. ​Private class: This class is 3 hours long, taught online or in the client's home, on the client's preferred day/time.  Class is tailored to your unique needs.  This is a good fit for clients who have birthed before, or who want individual focus.  

  2. 4-week group class: This class is taught online over the course of 4 weeks on Tuesday evenings from 6-9pm Central (12 hours long).  The class is Lamaze-style, and goes over everything you need to know about birth so that you can create a plan, and prepare for unexpected changes.  Class is interactive and engaging. 

  3. 1-day express group class: This class is 7 hours long (we take breaks!) and follows the same curriculum as the 4-week class, but with fewer activities and time to practice. 

  4. Refresher group class: This class is 4 hours long and is designed for experienced parents.  We'll review childbirth basics and leave space for you to ask questions about things that happened during your previous birth[s]. 


In class, we'll cover all of your options - not just your hospital "policies". 

Sample Agenda for Group Classes:

  • Part 1: learn about pregnancy, and begin prepping for labor and the idea of pain, and the stages and phases of labor. 

  • Part 2: review physiological birth (what to expect if your body just does its thing - with no interventions), and non-medical comfort measures.

  • Part 3: let's talk about options and possibilities for medical interventions, including inductions, pain meds, and Cesareans.

  • Part 4: what to expect after baby is born - birth of the placenta, newborn procedures, postpartum, and an intro to infant feeding (breast/chest feeding, pumping, supplementation, etc.). 

While class can be taken any time during pregnancy, we recommend trying to schedule it between 26-34 weeks. 

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Preparing for Postpartum Workshop

$75 / workshop

Our workshops are 1-session, 2-hours long.  Currently, these are offered in a group setting over Zoom.

Everyone prepares for birth, and the baby... but we often forget to prepare for our own postpartum journey!  This workshop is focused on the needs of the parents.

  • Healing: bleeding, cramping, tearing, incisions, and diastasis recti. 

  • Physical needs: an extended rest period, nourishing food, loving touch.

  • Emotional needs: asking for help, postpartum mood disorders, maintaining your relationship with your partner, and new personal identities.

Upcoming Workshop: Tuesday, July 12th, 6-8pm Central

Time doesn't work? → Book a private coaching session with Bria!


Lactation Workshop

$75 / workshop

Our online workshops are 1-session, 2-hours long.  Currently, these are offered in a group setting over Zoom..

This workshop will go over all of the breast/chest feeding basics, pumping, and bottles.  We will guide you in developing a feeding plan for you and your baby.

Upcoming Workshop: Tuesday, July 19th, 6-8pm Central


Time doesn't work? → Book a private lactation service with Tabitha!



Newborn Basics Workshop

$75 / workshop

Our workshops are 1-session, 2-hours long.  Currently, these are offered in a group setting over Zoom.

The goal of this workshop is to teach you how to care for a newborn.  We'll cover:

  • Physical needs: sleep, eat, poop, bathe, dress.

  • Emotional needs: comfort, stimulation, etc.

  • Safety: car seats, babywearing, etc.

Upcoming Workshop: None at this time.  In lieu of the workshop, book a private coaching session with Bria!


Parent Group


An informal space for pregnant or newly postpartum parents to connect, find community, and ask questions of each other or one of our doulas.

We meet weekly, virtually.  Attendees are not required to be Bright Earth Doulas clients.  Join whenever you can!

Schedule: every Thursday, 10am - 11am Central



6 Ways to Reduce Birth Trauma


1 in 3 births are described as traumatic, and it doesn't have to be this way.  Knowledge is power.  Know your options.  Join this free virtual webinar to learn our top 6 things that you can add to your birth plan, to reduce the risk of experiencing birth trauma. 

Schedule: Monday, May 2nd, 7pm Central


6 Ways Your Hospital is Hurting Breastfeeding


Breast/chest feeding is perceived to be easy, but it's easy to get overwhelmed. Join this free virtual webinar to learn how to manage hospital expectations with the biological needs of your baby.

Schedule: Monday, May 9th, 7pm Central



Birth Your Business


For aspiring and new doulas.

We want to have coffee with all of the doulas who reach out to us, but the reality is that we just don't have the time.  We hear you, and we see you!  That is why we are hosting this live Q&A - we want to help you all, and this is the best way we can do that.  Bring your questions, and come pick Bria & Tab's brains for an hour!

Schedule: Monday, May 16th, 7pm Central