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Classes, Workshops, and Events

Knowledge is power.

  • How To Make A Better Gift Registry
    Sat, Apr 01
    Saint Paul and Zoom (Hybrid)
    Wipe warmers? Diaper genies? What's the best stroller??? Join this event to learn how to create a gift registry with products your family actually needs.
  • Preparing for Childbirth: 4-Week Series - 1ST-TIME BIRTHERS
    Multiple Dates
    Mon, Apr 03
    Saint Paul
    Are you feeling anxious about birth? Sign up for Bria's most sought after childbirth ed course. In this 4 week series you will have time to process each section and the option to bring questions back next week. Leave feeling equipped to make informed decisions at your birth.
  • Lactation Workshop
    Multiple Dates
    Mon, May 01
    Saint Paul
    Lactation is more than just latching your baby, come and learn about the basics of breastfeeding all the way through pumping and returning to work. Learn what the relationship can truly look like with proper support.
  • What Happened to Me? - NEW DATE
    Sat, May 06
    Saint Paul and Zoom (Hybrid)
    An introduction to healing from perinatal trauma
  • Preparing for Postpartum Workshop
    Multiple Dates
    Mon, May 08
    Saint Paul and Zoom (Hybrid)
    Despite popular belief in the United States, postpartum isn't just about the baby. Postpartum is a time of recovery and getting to know this new version of yourself. Plan for your postpartum journey as you are planning for your birth; you won't regret it.

What comfort measures are available before trying an epidural?  How do I know when a c-section is needed?  What type of bottle is right for my baby?  Will we be able to sleep postpartum?  Where can I meet friends who are also pregnant/postpartum?


Learn about everything from pregnancy hormones to feeding your baby and preparing for your postpartum recovery. We offer courses and workshops with tangible tools for you to use throughout your journey no matter where it takes you. Half of the battle of parenthood is having the knowledge on where to get help and information. Start your education with us. 

I don’t know where to start…we love(d) working with Bria and Tabitha, it’s hard to put it all in words.

It is by far one of the best decisions we ever made. My husband was a little skeptical when I said I wanted to hire a doula but since our baby was born he is now the first one to recommend them to anyone he knows having a baby.

Bria and Tabitha are both so knowledgeable and willing to always answer all our questions. I’m a “science person”, and they provided me with the facts, science and all sides to every scenario/story so that I felt comfortable I was making an informed decision. We took a couple of their classes and they were very helpful and engaging. We took A LOT of birthing classes through various parties and the 1 day, 8 hour class with Bria was by far my favorite and the most engaging. We had quite a long labor/birth experience and our birth plan had to change quite a bit. We planned for an unmedicated, birthing center birth and ended up having to do an induction at a hospital. It was quite the experience…Bria was there for every moment. She helped ease my anxiety and grief over the change in birth plan and the fear I had of being induced. Once things ramped up, she helped with different positions to try and turn baby, provided counter pressure while my husband took a break, documented the process, was an advocate for me and was another set of eyes to witness what was happening “behind the scenes.”

Bria was our “main” doula. Bria, we are so grateful for you and Tabitha, we couldn’t imagine this experience without you. We look forward to when we’re ready for the next kiddo and get to work with you both again!


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